Hello, I'm Tarun Juluru a user experience designer specializing in interface design for web, based out in Hyderabad, India. I strive to create functional, delightful and valuable experiences that leave a positive impact on people. Currently, focused on crafting usable digital product experience.

Design is something I'm always interested in. And my goal always involved in building experiences that carried with the right emotional state, in which people feel focused and destructive-free. So, as designing such experiences is challenging for me, I like the iterative design process in drawing a solution to the problem following the best practices possible.


I'm obsessed with minimalism, nature and a continuous exploration is my hobby.

"I have worked with Tarun for a very short period of time. But have realized that he is a guy of process and concepts. He is very good in UX/UI and does everything systematically and in a proper way as it has to be done. I must say that he speaks through his designs. He is a "less talk and more results" type guy!! I believe wherever Tarun works, he will always spread knowledge, ideas and maximum output. All the Best :)"

  • Devanshi [UX/UI Designer]
  • HelloFello Design Studio.

"Working with Tarun was a good experience. He was extremely helpful to everyone at the firm."

  • Raneshwari [UX/UI Designer]
  • HelloFello Design Studio.

"Whenever someone asks me if I know any good freelance UX designers, I always answer with Tarun. He’s a great designer. Furthermore, he is a humble and unassuming person who is a pleasure to work with. I would happily recommend Tarun for your visual and/or UX needs."

  • Anurag [UX/UI Developer]
  • HelloFello Design Studio.